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National Republican Asian Assembly
राष्ट्रीय रिपब्लिकन एशियाई विधानसभा
전국 공화당 아시아 협의회
Á hội đảng Cộng hòa Quốc gia
perhimpunan asian republik negara

To Make America Safe Again, Rich Again, Creative Again and Great Again!

For decades, Asian Americans have been viewed as the model citizen.  However, most are focused on the academics rather than the full assimilation into politics and community service. For most of this time, it meant Asian Americans were yet to become part of the over-all life in these United States.

During the Reagan Administration, Maryland Congresswomen Helen D. Bentley and Connie Morella met with our communities and helped us mobilize local Asian groups.

Many others in CA, TX, NY, VA, FL and  other states welcomed and promoted their Asian communities to increase participation in the democratic process.

In 1986, the National Republican American Assembly was formed to enable our communities to grow from grassroots to a national organization.  The mission developed and we committed to  form a greater impact on the local, state and national political process.

Fast forward to 2016, the Asian Americans have had many role models exemplifying leadership, innovation and commitment to the American dream. For example, Former Governor Bobby Jindal served as Governor of Louisiana, and in the administration of President-elect Trump, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina has been named Ambassador to the United Nations and Former Deputy Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has been nominated as Secretary of Transportation. These are just a few of the role models and with many more certain to follow.

We are no longer the polite guests who have over-stayed our welcome.  We have grown and matured into a group of citizens that play an integral part of life here  - where we proudly call America our home.  Neighborhood safety, lower taxes, strong defense of our borders, clean environment and all issues pertaining to the welfare of this nation are a common concern.  We believe these issues deserve the attention of policy makers from the President and all levels of government.

As we celebrate our new president, we take immense pride in our achievement as Asian Americans. This event will highlight the accomplishments of both the Republican Party and the Asian American Community. Our community is now the fastest growing in the United States. Today, we have the highest median household income, and the highest educational attainment of any group in the United States. Hard work, education and strong family values has been the cornerstone to our success as a community.

So as NRAA celebrates its successes, let us show our support of our 45th President by coming together as one, we will help to Make America Great Again.