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National Republican Asian Assembly
राष्ट्रीय रिपब्लिकन एशियाई विधानसभा
전국 공화당 아시아 협의회
Á hội đảng Cộng hòa Quốc gia
perhimpunan asian republik negara


The National Republican Asian Assembly (“NRAA”) was formed in 1986.  Celebrating its 30th anniversary – we can proudly say we have traveled a distant road, but still we have a long way to go! We're here to rejuvenate and rededicate our commitment to America!

It was during President Reagan's second term that many Americans of Asian descent were inspired and motivated to join the main stream Republican political process. It was a select respected few that included Americans of different ethnic backgrounds such as Alfred Liu, Elaine Chao, KV Kumar, Kyo Paul Jhin, Josephine Wang, Mary Chi Ray, Thelma Estrella, Cindy Daub and many others.   

Alfred's office has been known as the other White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.  We had many meetings and exchange of ideas in securing the second term of President Reagan. Some became members of the State Republican Central Committees while others donated large sums of financial support to the Republican National Committee.

We staffed the precincts, stuffed the envelopes, canvassed neighborhoods and knocked on doors, some ran for office and still others sponsored parlor meetings in their offices and their homes.

These were the years 1986-1992 during the Reagan/Bush, Bush/Quayle, and Bush/Cheney Administrations years. Some of us received appointments and served in the Federal agencies and commissions. Elaine Chao served as Secretary of Labor, Julia Chang-Block served as Ambassador to Nepal, Cathy Dress as Ambassador to Cameroon, Josephine Wang to the US Department of Education, and Alfred Liu was nominated to serve on the National Institute of Building Sciences.  

This Gala highlights the accomplishments of both the Republican Party and the Americans of Asian background celebrating that Republican values and our values are one in the same. Hard work, good jobs, excellent school grades, respect of parents and authority plus respecting the flag are the true American spirit!  

We welcome new members who will nurture the growth of NRAA so that we increase our greatness and impact on American society and become a more successful organization!

So as NRAA celebrates its successes, let us show our support of our 45th President by coming together as one. We will help Make America Great Again!

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